Anima Mundi


Pe 16 februarie dăm drumul la boxe să trezim sufletul lumii și să rupem podeaua pe ritmuri astrale.


Atouck and Ziazin 2h Dj Set ] ]

Eeon DJ ] ]ॐ/215354991862996 ] ]
Sun&Moon’s Events ]

Ajna Vitamin
JellyFish Frequency Recordings, RO
Sun&Moon’s events ] ] ]

Planul ] ] ]

+ selection of movie projections

+ good vibes

= ❤ 🙂

Ajna Vitamin is my project that I started in February 2012, after I released some dark psy tunes. After 2 years of constantly dj-ing in my country, Romania, I’ve figured out that i should start producing some psy music
I had my time working to combine the harmonics and the chilling atmospheric sounds with the pulsating energy of the trance in a new formula called: quantum psy.
In the summer of 2012 I played at local festivals: Waha and Transylvania Calling, and looking forward to play at many festivals.
I am also the cofounder of Sun Moons Events (arts, music and entertainment) organization, with them we make deco and the indoor partyes around Bucharest.
„I chose these words because ajna is the 6th chakra in hindu religion and in western culture in known as the pineal gland. My intention is to give people dream states of awarness to help them experience time trough a different pattern. I like numerology, as I told my date of birth is on day 6 (Chakra) month 11 (Vitamin) Number eleven represents unseparation for me.”

PLANUL began his practice around the year 2010. Old, new, analog, digital, Planul keeps alive the psychedelic vibrations in the positive way using high technologies to open mind’s third eye. Beyond the happy and friendly energy, Planul is fully charged with beautifull experiences in gigs, radio shows and festivals all over Romania.

Eeon: Pasiunea pentru muzica se trage din copilarie, primele contacte cu muzica electronica fiind prin Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Jean michelle Jare, Vangelis. Anii trec din perioada in perioada, muzica se schimba si eu odata cu ea. Traversez mai multe stiluri de la folk, Rock, Disco, Electro, Drum and bass, Minimal, Techno, Psychedelic rock, gen: Pink floyd, The doors, Deep Purple, Jimmy Hendrix si alti artisti psychedelici premergatori vremurilor noastre.
Contactul cu muzica psy l-a avut in 2007 cand a descoperit Psy trance si Dark psy si programul numit Traktor. A fost captivat iremediabil si a inceput sa se joace la inceput, dar dupa si-a dat seama ca poate face ceva mai mult. Joaca a devenit serioasa in 2008, cand a inceput sa mixeze psy trance si darkpsy pentru prieteni dupa care in 2009, dupa o evolutie mult asteptata a descoperit soundurile de psy chill, downbeat, IDM, ambiental.

Dj’s support: 10 RON


Despre Carol 53

Casă în curs de resuscitare. Nod cultural și de voie bună.

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