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The Can - Married - Carol 53

Thursday 2nd of April, starting at 20:00, The CAN presents at Carol 53, „Married” a tattoo performance and exhibition by Frederic Liver (France) & Emmy Simpson (UK).
We are also happy to celebrate one year of The CAN’s activity on some groovy rhythms.

Free entry

Geometric Youth is a continuous animated tattoo project by Frédéric Xavier Liver. Twelve events took part in France, Italy, Lithuania, Czech Republic and now, Romania.
The project starts with a performance where the tattoo artist (sometimes the artist himself) and a volunteer are the
main participants. Any volunteer can participate by getting a certain tattoo on a chosen part of ones body. After the executions of the act – volunteers get their portraits taken as well as of the tattooed images that later are being edited to a coherent video.
The origins of this performative project lay in the work of Gioventù Geometrica, a video animation created in early 2000 in which a few frames a make a potentially infinite sequence. The desire to give new life to the Geometric Youth project was implemented when meeting with tattoo artist Antoine Capet in April 2010 at Maison des Art de Malakoff.
“I asked Antoine Capet to make a series of tattoos in certain order to create the images needed to build an animation in which the drawing runs, fights and moves from skin to skin.” Frederic Liver

„The notion of failure is an integral part of art making, we build upon the success and failures of our predecessors, appropriating from their acts of appropriation. The past ‘failure’ of a piece is what drives us on to future success. Yet success is a belligerently singular concept, there is only one way to achieve, but many ways to fail. After all, ‘even if one sets out to fail, the possibility of success is never eradicated and failure once again is ushered in.’ Through a series of processes I transform inadequacy into art, toying with the paradoxes of failure and success, chance and control, the gestural and the certain. The works become less concerned with the resolute success of an end product, instead becoming defined by their lack of self-assertion, embodying a ‘stylistic vagueness’. With my time in residence I have entered into an indirect direct conversation with my surroundings, the uncertainty of space becoming the uncertain make-up of my work. Certainly. ” Emily Simpson


2 aprilie 2015

ora 20.00

Carol 53

facebook event here



Despre Carol 53

Casă în curs de resuscitare. Nod cultural și de voie bună.

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